Noah H. Smith
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I am a full stack software development nerd. For the past 5 years I have either worked freelance or lead a team through a wide variety of projects. Recently I've been focusing on a few personal projects while watching The Price is Right and honing my Mario Kart skills.

Employment & Education

RenderGarden Media

Contract software development. I started working on my own doing freelance design, which seamlessly evolved into software development (my true love). Ultimately, this work evolved into a team of 5 and a few healthy projects for the final year until we all went our separate ways in early 2012. RenderGarden was one of the most fulfilling things I have ever been a part of.

Non-traditional Education

I've certainly done things the hard way. Writing code for a decade, starting a business, getting married and keeping my wits the whole time; that's my education.


For two years I taught web development, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, basic PHP and Flash (as it was dying), at Johnson County Community College. These extended education courses were extremely successful with a majority of students becoming productive by the end of the term.

Quite proudly, I was the youngest and the highest rated instructor. I also was humbled by just how difficult it is to teach something you are already proficient in! There was quite a learning curve, but by the time I stopped teaching, to focus on my business, I had found my rhythm. The quality of students leaving my courses was so high that I eventually hired one of them to head up design for my company.


Battered Oats
eat what you like

Starting out as a personal project, a simple recipe site turned into the culmination of an old idea: users should learn their way through an application. Trading text-field overkill for natural language processing and directions for simplicity means a user has to think less and will become emotionally attached to the application's experience.

Technologies Used

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Heroku
  • MongoDB
  • Redis

Feature Creeper
brain-trust project management

After working with far too many control freaks who didn't know how to let the software team be agile, I decided to look into a happier solution.

Although far from complete, the general concept and implementation is to build an interface around behavior driven development (with a language such as Cucumber). The "brains" may then add their feature requests in a comfortable interface which will directly be added to a bucket for review by the software team. From there, the feature is automatically tracked through the development cycle and will be reported on as necessary.

Open Source

distributed log file aggregation

A three part Node.js application that follows log files and streams them to any number of external harvesting nodes. In reality, this was used in production to stream a variety of flat text files in real-time. Alonso is simple, small and awesome.

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